Iceberg A68 calved from the Larsen C Ice Shelf on July 12th 2017. For a year it remained close to its parent ice shelf before rotating out into the Weddell Sea. Apart from having a few corners knocked off, this 160 km-long, trillion-tonne iceberg remains pretty much intact  as it continues to head north.

This iceberg is probably like no other you have ever imagined. Its planimetric dimensions are on a completely different scale to its thickness. Think of 5 sheets of copier paper in a stack and you get an idea of the length to thickness ratio.

The animation below is made from satellite microwave radar images from the European Space Agency Sentinel-1 satellites. Active imaging sensors working in the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum are able to regularly acquire consistent images, regardless of cloud cover, night and day. Note that many of the images used to make this sequence are taken during the dark months of the polar winter.

Please feel free to copy and use this animated GIF which already contains the relevant attribution to ESA.