On Friday 26th February 2021 a large section broke away from the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica. The three animations here show satellite imagery at a variety of resolutions from a couple of years leading up to this event.

The data are from the EU Copernicus Program Sentinel-1 satellites, which collect data throughout the year regardless of cloud cover or polar night.

This calving event is interesting because large icebergs such as this are rare (every few years), and because it changes the geography and oceanography of the local region. It is also being carefully watched because the remaining part of the ice shelf is home to the UK Halley VI Research Base.

There are other active rifts on the Brunt Ice Shelf so we wait to see if these are affected. I aim to update these satellite animations as more imagery becomes available.

RightClick->SaveAs if you would like to use these animations in your own work, but please make sure not to obscure the attribution to the Copernicus Program.