What and where: A floating platform of ice in West Antarctica, several hundred meters thick, pinned at its northern (left hand) edge on a sea-floor rise

What does the animation show: The ice shelf is starting to break up, with a large fracture opening up along its length

Significance: Thwaites Glacier is bigger than the UK and can potentially contribute more than 50cm to sea level rise. The loss of this remaining ice shelf will significantly change the local landscape and allow parts of Thwaites glacier to accelerate. However, the likely imminent contribution to sea level rise is not enormous because this ice shelf holds back only a small part of the glacier. For more information please see: https://tc.copernicus.org/preprints/tc-2021-288/

This animation: is created from Copernicus Program Sentinel-1 data acquired over the last 6 years. You are welcome to download (right-click save-as) the animation and share it with others as long as the embedded text is not obscured